ACE Conference 2023: Innovating Education in a Global Landscape

The ACE Conference, held from November 7th to 9th, 2023, at ASU’s Hyatt Place Hotel, marked a significant event in the calendar of educational innovation and global collaboration. Organized by Cintana, the conference encapsulated the spirit of advancing higher education in our interconnected world.

Day 1 kicked off with a warm welcome from Chief Academic Officer Águeda Benito and Chief Technology Officer Emiliano Diez, setting the tone for a day filled with insightful presentations and discussions. Julia Rosen, Vice President of Global Academic Initiatives at ASU, emphasized the university’s commitment to global engagement and set the stage for a series of enriching sessions. Cintana President Rick Shangraw and Emiliano Diez delved into the changing landscape of transnational education and the benefits of leveraging ASU and Cintana’s resources. The spotlight was also on successful initiatives like the GSC (AlmaU) and faculty mobility (Mapua), showcasing the ASU-Cintana Alliance’s impact.

The afternoon was an immersive experience with tours around ASU’s iconic campuses, including the Biodesign Institute, Global Futures Laboratory, and the Earth and Space Exploration facilities. The day concluded with a cultural dive into the Dreamscape Experience and a visit to the Engineering Labs.

Day 2 continued the momentum at Skysong with sessions led by EdPlus at ASU. ASU Chief Design Officer Sean Hobson and Chief Operating Officer Casey Evans provided insights into the evolving world of online education and academic portfolio management. The X Lab tour featuring Dreamscape Learn and immersive digital learning spaces was a highlight, showcasing the forefront of educational technology.

The conference’s final day, Day 3, offered a deep dive into assessing student success in online environments, with discussions led by Dr. Annie Hale of ASU’s Action Lab. The conference closed with a reception at the Old Main, where attendees had a chance to relax and reflect on key takeaways from days prior..

The ACE Conference was more than just a series of presentations; it was a convergence of ideas, a place for forging new paths in education, and a testament to Cintana’s dedication to shaping the future of global education. Attendees left inspired, equipped with new insights and ready to implement transformative ideas in their institutions.