New Universities

We can help design, launch, and operate new projects anywhere in the world. 

When you’re starting a new university, or looking to foster your university’s growth through its first few years, we can help you:

Develop new programs, new markets, and new campuses

Build enrollment through online marketing and student recruitment

Obtain international accreditations and specialized licenses

Measure and improve student outcomes to generate recognition for quality and prestige

Engage with local regulators to help secure your university license

Evaluate options to secure, finance, and develop land and buildings

Recruit world-class international academic leaders to your founding team

We’re looking to partner with governments, NGOs, industry, and private investors who are interested in creating a new university and are seeking a long-term academic and operating partner.  ASU and our other globally-ranked university partners can provide academic content, credentials, student exchange programs and research opportunities to accelerate your successful launch.
ASU and our other globally ranked university partners can operate as “hubs” for credentialing, student exchange programs, and research collaboration. Cintana’s experts have played key roles in the creation of many different higher education institutions all over the world including China, Morocco, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and were responsible for the launch of the first new university in Australia in more than 30 years.

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