Globally Ranked Universities

When your established university is looking to expand its reach, we can help develop new markets, new campuses, and new cross-border partnerships. 

Our global network of universities and student populations around the world offer a unique opportunity to quickly and efficiently create international links with students, faculty, and communities.

Specifically, we can:
Scale your enrollment and impact at existing branch campuses
Create new branch campuses through innovative models with proven success
Create global networks of university partnerships to grow enrollments through degree articulations

Enabling cross-border online education

CinLearn helps globally ranked universities offer online programs in native languages in markets around the world. Cross-border online education provides an important alternative for globally ranked universities to expand their international footprint without creating physical branch campuses.

Access to a Growing International Alliance

The Cintana Alliance offers a unique opportunity to quickly and efficiently create programs for collaborating with students, faculty, and communities around the world. The network of universities is growing quickly and aspires to grow to 50 partners in the next few years.

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