American University Kyiv Opens Its Doors to Ukrainian Students, Offering A World-Class Education

In collaboration with Arizona State University and the Cintana Alliance, the new American University Kyiv is bringing a transformative higher education experience to Ukrainian students, providing a world-class education, aligned to serve the fast-growing regional economy.

KYIV, UKRAINE – March 2, 2022 –  Today, American University Kyiv (AUK) formally opened its doors to Ukrainian students looking to pursue undergraduate and graduate degrees. AUK, which will have a curriculum that will be Powered by ASU, will benefit from a deep partnership with Arizona State University (ASU), and will provide students with opportunities to access a high-quality education in high demand fields. 

The new university’s mission is to ensure that students across the region are able to develop the skills needed for a rapidly changing economy through both rigorous coursework and hands-on learning. Through industry partnerships with faculty with broad international experience and recipients of prestigious industrial and academic awards, and internship opportunities, students will have the chance to gain the knowledge and skills needed to pursue successful, dynamic careers in a wide variety of fields. AUK faculty will include international lecturers, Fulbright Scholars, and recipients of prestigious European and U.S. awards, as well as top scientists from Ukraine. Faculty bring a wide range of experience from American and European institutions.

“As a Ukrainian who built an international career in the U.S., I usually say that I am a Ukrainian-American economist,” said Dr. Roman Sheremeta, founding rector of AUK and one the most widely cited Ukrainian economists in the world. “Although my academic success has been mostly attributed to my work in the U.S., I always had a dream that one day I would be able to come back to Ukraine and use my experience and knowledge to do something important for Ukraine. AUK is a perfect opportunity for me to fulfill this dream.”

As part of AUK’s launch, master’s and bachelor’s degree programs in digital technologies, including computer and software engineering, as well as business and global management will be available at AUK starting in March and September, respectively. Over the next few years, the university will expand its offerings to include programs in engineering, health sciences, architecture and design, and law.

“ASU is excited to work with AUK to expand access to higher education in Ukraine. Now, more than ever before, there is an opportunity for higher education to unite people in learning, collaboration, job creation, and economic development,” said ASU Executive Vice President and University Provost Nancy Gonzales. “We are proud at ASU to be known as the most innovative university in the United States and will bring that spirit of innovation to our collaboration with AUK.”

As a member of the Cintana Alliance, AUK will also be part of a global network of universities focused on improving the quality and access to higher education. AUK is the first university in the country to offer such innovative educational opportunities for Ukrainian students. This is a significant moment for students, faculty, and staff in Ukraine,” said Kurt Volker, co-founder of AUK and former U.S. Representative for Ukraine. “By providing students the opportunity to receive both an American and Ukrainian degrees, we are positioning students in the region to be champions of economic and social growth for generations to come. It is a privilege to be a part of this effort, and I look forward to seeing it grow and evolve in the years to come.”

AUK is the newest university to join the Cintana Alliance, an international network of ambitious universities working to develop and scale high-quality academic programs that respond to the global demand for postsecondary degrees. As part of the network, AUK faculty have access to ASU’s online curriculum and expertise in digital learning, insights into how to build world-class research programs, and articulation agreements that enable students to earn an ASU credential or degree. Named the most innovative university in the U.S. by U.S. News and World Report for the last seven years, ASU also has one of the largest and most comprehensive engineering programs and one of the largest business schools in the U.S.

“Education remains the most powerful lever for ensuring economic prosperity and individual mobility,” said Dr. Rick Shangraw, founding president of AUK and president of Cintana Education. “Arizona State University has a demonstrated track record of developing innovative academic programs with strong student outcomes, at scale. It’s now bringing that expertise to the world. And in Ukraine, American University Kyiv will benefit from the insights of ASU and other Cintana Alliance members to give students an opportunity to build meaningful careers and contribute to the growth and success of the region.”

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