CEIPA University Foundation Assists Over 3,000 Students in Establishing Their Own Businesses

The CEIPA University Foundation, a prominent institution of higher education in Colombia, has successfully guided over 3,000 students and graduates in launching their own businesses, primarily as extracurricular endeavors. This achievement is attributed to the implementation of personalized and collective pathways and the institution’s collaboration with more than 5,000 micro-enterprises.

One of the university’s key objectives is to break down the barriers to entrepreneurship that many young people face when starting a business. Through its innovative UBFlex educational model, the university aims to foster an entrepreneurial spirit among its students.

In a survey conducted by CEIPA in 2021, it was found that 61% of respondents, driven by necessity or personal initiative, had a high level of entrepreneurial activity. This result placed Colombia prominently among countries with the highest entrepreneurial indices.

The survey also revealed that individuals often grapple with challenges such as innovation and fear of failure when embarking on their own projects. The institution emphasizes the importance of addressing these issues during the educational process, as it is crucial to nurture the creativity of young people.

In a separate study conducted by Herbalife Nutrition and the OnePoll research agency, which surveyed 25,000 individuals aged 18 to 45 across 35 countries, it was found that 74% aspired to become entrepreneurs. However, 51% expressed concerns about not being taken seriously due to their age when starting a business.

Giovanny Cardona, the academic vice-rector of CEIPA, stated, “What distinguishes us from other institutions worldwide is our focus on the entrepreneur rather than the act of entrepreneurship. We believe it’s crucial for our students to develop the skills and abilities of successful entrepreneurs, whether they’re working on a personal project or within a larger company.”

CEIPA has also forged alliances with other institutions, organizations, and businesses to create strategies that provide its students with greater opportunities for funding and mentorship for their projects.

Maritza Trejos, the director of CEIPA’s Center for Entrepreneurship, added, “We also have a startup club that encourages technology-based ventures. We’ve designed an entrepreneurial pathway, a program developed to understand where each of these young people stands. By presenting business challenges, we facilitate co-creation and open innovation, generating proposals from both our students and external entrepreneurs.”

Source: Portafolio.co (Original article in Spanish)