Mapúa and AlmaU Celebrate the Cintana Faculty Mobility Program

In a showcase of international academic collaboration within the ASU-Cintana Alliance, Dr. Edward Jay M. Quinto from Mapúa’s School of Health Sciences recently journeyed to Almaty Management University (AlmaU) in Kazakhstan. The visit, under the banner of the Cintana Faculty Mobility Program, aimed to foster deeper ties between member institutions by enabling cross-border teaching and research initiatives.

Nurtured by a pact solidified by Ms. Nursulu Kiyash, Director of AlmaU’s International Cooperation Department, and Dr. Bonifacio T. Doma, Jr., Mapúa’s Executive Vice President for International Alliances and Cintana Partnership Executive Director, the program is emblematic of the alliance’s commitment to global education. This strategic initiative facilitates the exchange of faculty between member universities to harness their collective expertise and resources.

During his week-long tenure at AlmaU, Dr. Quinto illustrated the depth of this collaboration by delivering lectures on topics ranging from the multilingual contexts of the Philippines to language justice during COVID-19. His engagements also branched into academic writing, public health, and lively discussions with AlmaU’s academic community, encompassing students, faculty, and staff.

Come January 2024, the exchange will see AlmaU’s Mr. Alisher Sadykov and Professor Dmitriy Ogay reciprocating with a visit to Mapúa University, highlighting the cyclical nature of the mobility program and the continued drive for academic excellence.

This exchange is not only a testament to the dynamism of the Cintana Faculty Mobility Program but also underscores the ASU-Cintana Alliance’s commitment to creating a thriving global education ecosystem.