Our Team

Dariela López

Project Manager and Data Analyst

Dariela brings 10 years of experience in Global Education to her role as project manager and data analyst. During her eight years at Laureate, she prepared and implemented the Customer Support Team’s workload and operational coverage to provide support 24/7 support in three languages, and provided training to diverse teams involved in the operation and support of different processes to ensure knowledge standardization.

She was also responsible for the quality and user experience of course development. She implemented a control and monitoring project system, including the creation and automation of Operational KPIs focused on 6 functional areas that allowed for visibility of the status of each project and identified bottlenecks and efficiencies in the course development process.

Dariela holds an MBA and a Business Engineering degree with a minor in Marketing. She’s specialized in Customer Service Support and Management of Educational Projects.

She is known for her leadership and customer service skills, as well as for promoting collaboration and teamwork to ensure a positive impact in the experience of internal and external clients.