The future of higher education is experienced at UIDE powered by ASU

This new space, spanning over 3,000 square meters, is based on the “one health” concept that interconnects various industries and areas of knowledge with the field of health, to enhance a multidisciplinary educational and research development.

The Health Sciences Campus, located within the 36 hectares of the Quito campus, incorporates the most advanced technology in Latin America and will bring our students from the Faculty of Medical Sciences, Health, and Life closer to the reality of their profession.

During the inauguration ceremony held on Wednesday, September 6, 2023, guests included the university chancellor, Nicolás Fernández; founding chancellor, Marcelo Fernández; rector, Gustavo Vega; academic vice-rector, Simón Cueva; director of Medicine and Health at Cintana, Francisco Gutierrez; representatives from the network of universities powered by ASU; government officials; ambassadors; executives from various public and private healthcare institutions; university and school principals; media journalists; and academics.

Exploring the Health Sciences Campus means discovering places like the Digital Life Lab, where different stations are used to develop multiple skills supported by interactive screens, a virtual reality station, and a motor skills area, allowing students to conduct experiments and simulations.

The Wet Laboratory is another new space where students from various university programs can explore the interactions between chemistry and biology, as well as investigate phenomena that require an interdisciplinary approach.

The design of the Health Sciences Campus includes areas that recreate realistic environments such as the Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy Laboratory, Clinical Studies Laboratory, general patient room, skills and abilities room within the framework of medical simulation, advanced simulation rooms, or the Gessell chamber in which students will experience immersive and realistic experiences in various healthcare fields, as it incorporates high-tech 360-degree cameras specialized for these spaces.

In addition, with a sustainability focus, the building features motion sensors in all its spaces for energy conservation, as well as solar panels in various areas of the campus that will supply 100% of its energy needs.

UIDE powered by ASU reinvents the future of higher education in the healthcare field, providing its students with the necessary tools to become leading professionals with dedication, skill, empathy, and the knowledge required to excel on a global scale.