Galala University

Cairo, Egypt

Egyptian Presidential Initiative Creates one of the First National Universities in Egypt — Collaboration with Cintana Alliance and ASU Will Enable Students to Receive Duo Degrees in High-Demand Fields

Galala University (GU) is one of the newest fourth-generation universities in Egypt, established in 2020 by a Presidential decree and built by the Egyptian Government. Strategically located in the city of Galala, above the Red Sea and not far from Greater Cairo, and with a population of over 25 million people, the university is planned to grow to 25,000 students. The university comprises fourteen colleges in various scientific fields and disciplines, including business and engineering. Beginning in spring 2022, GU will offer dual degree programs in collaboration with Arizona State University (ASU), recognized globally for its highly impactful research, innovation and teaching excellence. For the first time in Egypt, students can earn a fully accredited bachelor’s degree from both a top ranked American public university and a National Egyptian university, without leaving Egypt. Together, GU, the Cintana Alliance and ASU will dramatically expand access to postsecondary education across the MENA region through this innovative partnership.
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    First university in Egypt to offer both Egyptian and U.S. degrees
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    60 programs across 15 fields of study, including medicine and dentistry
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    State of the art campus strategically located in the city of Galala and with capacity for 25,000 students