Our Team

Manoela Malta, PhD.

Health Sciences Director of Education and Products

Manoela Malta is a Psychologist with a PhD in Cognitive Psychology and a recognized expert in the education of health professionals. She is currently the Health Sciences Director of Education and Products for Cintana Education. Her responsibilities include the implementation of academic strategies for health products and the support tactics aimed at obtaining superb student outcomes and quality recognition for our institutions. She is the former Global Director for Education and Products for Laureate Health Sciences and was previously the Dean of Psychology and Head of Clinical Simulation in a prestigious university in Brazil.  

In her previous position, she developed and implemented a series of academic and pedagogical innovations that brought numerous new methodologies, educational technologies, and other learning tools for the education of health professionals. She has worked with universities in eleven countries helping local institutions to grow and become references for quality and innovation in their markets. She also led the design and implementation of a comprehensive standardized faculty and leadership development program that reached over 4,000 faculty members and academic leaders in 23 institutions worldwide.  

As an expert and innovator in clinical and professional education, immersive learning strategies, and clinical simulation, she has changed the direction of education of health professionals for the future. Manoela has also worked as a clinical psychologist and has vast patient care experience.